A fresh approach to business

Whether you’re looking to give your business a web presence for the first time, or you simply want to breath new life into your existing image or advertising campaign, Artisan Internet is equipped to design a site tailored to suit your specific needs.

No site too large or too small

Key Benefits …

  • Entry level web sites consisting of up to 5 pages, as well as larger sites of over 20 or more pages, are available to order.  Each project is priced according to your individual requirements and won’t attempt to stretch your budget outside a comfortable limit.
  • Basic prices include origination of background and navigational graphics, e-mail forms and hyperlinks, set-up of standard CGI scripts and pasting of supplied text, in addition to all uploading and checking.
  • We will work with you every inch of the way – your input is not only welcome, but actively encouraged – it’s your web site and only you know what your customers expect.  What’s more … we are always on hand to offer professional advice and assistance should you need it.

Control Of Your Content

We’ve seen our customers want more control over their content over the years. This is why we added a Page Editor feature to our older hard-coded web pages in the past.

These days, with the growth of blogging and content management systems, we’re pleased to be able to hand full control of your content over to you as soon as we have finished the build process.

The WordPress platform enables you to update your web pages quickly and efficiently without having to wait for a web designer such as ourselves to edit your content on your behalf.

Obtain an accurate no-obligation quote based on your exact requirements.