This is your Artisan Internet

In 1996 – founder Malcolm Bailey wanted to give his fledgling business a name after designing a website for his very first client. Artisan Web Design was born, using the definition below, after seeing the word Artisan on the back of a van …
 ar¦ti|san: a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand

The business was renamed Artisan Internet in 1998 and later incorporated. Artisan Internet Limited was formed in November 2002. Malcolm retired in 2015 and Catie Lake took over the business, having moved from being a contractor herself to becoming a co-Director in 2013.

Catie began freelancing for Artisan Internet back in 2000 – providing technical support and online promotion to clients whilst overseeing account creation and our first network migration on Malcolm’s behalf. Her background was in media, as a former journalist and radio broadcaster, running her own PR business and a local radio station.

Artisan Internet under Catie’s direction, working with specialist freelancers and associate partners, continues to provide the a full range of Internet Services based on modern web development platforms and using cutting-edge industry technology. Our Cloud Hosting Platform, which we migrated to in 2018, supports IPv6 and provides greater stability and resilience. Our web sites are designed to be ‘mobile first’ compatible. 

We manage a large number of domain names and hosting accounts for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) along the south coast of England and across the United Kingdom. We are also a Zen Dealer recommending connectivity solutions from our preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP). We use Zen Fibre Broadband ourselves and have been loyal customers of theirs for many years.