About Us

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Catie Lake, Director & Service Manager

About us. In 1996 – founder Malcolm Bailey gave his fledgling business a name, after designing a website for his very first client, using the definition ‘a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand’. Artisan Web Design was born.

The business was renamed Artisan Internet in 1998. With the growth of the business, it became clear that some thought had to be given to minimising tax liability, and therefore Artisan Internet Limited was formed in November 2002.

Malcolm retired in 2015 and Catie Lake has taken over the business, having moved from being a contractor herself to becoming a Director in 2013. Catie has a background in media, broadcasting and IT.

Rio Barnes, Developer & Digital Marketeer

The company now uses fresh freelancers and partners to provide the company’s full range of products and services.

The latest of addition to that list is Rio – a specialist in creative design and digital marketing. Together Catie and Rio run a female-led digital agency, enabling clients to exploit modern web development and access cutting-edge technology.

Artisan now manages several hundred domain names and hosting accounts for SMEs and Professionals along the south coast of England and across the United Kingdom.

About us. In December 2017 Artisan began carrying out its second network migration to a new data centre, bringing the next web to its clients, from the latest IPv6 based platform and WordPress ready hosting – both of which are ‘mobile first’ technologies we use.

We are also a Zen Dealer if a client is looking for an equally reliable and robust internet service provider (ISP) for a larger organisation or even their home-based business. We use Zen Fibre Broadband ourselves and have been loyal customers of theirs for many years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]