Terms of Business

General Terms

Hereon in, Artisan Internet Limited, it’s approved partners and hired sub-contractors are referred to as ‘Artisan’. All clients, customers their nominated third parties and end users, are referred to as ‘the client’.

By using this website, placing an order with Artisan, requesting professional assistance or technical support in any way, or using any approved products or services provided or resold by Artisan, the client accepts these Terms of Business. Artisan reserves the right to amend, update or vary any of its Terms of Business, at any time and without notice.

Additional Terms & Conditions may be applicable where Artisan supplies products & services on behalf of approved third parties. These will be provided at the point of ordering by email or a hyperlink to our website or that of our partners. All quotes for products or services, whether raised for both new or existing clients, are valid for up to 30 days.

Whilst free ongoing technical support shall be provided for current hosting and design clients, any additional specialist training or extended support – whether delivered by telephone, web chat or on-site – and especially support for any products or services not supplied by Artisan, will be charged for at the current hourly rate as published on our price list.

The client may not store more data in their hosting account than the virtual server space allocated to it. Virtual servers (inc the use of FTP, SSH and Telnet access) are for the client’s own use only. The client must not divulge their password to any other person, and must take reasonable precautions, to ensure that others do not discover it. If the client suspects that the security of an account has been compromised, Artisan must be contacted immediately.

Artisan shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by the use, misuse or any unavailability of services. To protect the client’s privacy, Artisan is registered as a data handler under the Data Protection Act 1998. Artisan reserves the right to cancel the client’s account, including any products or service we provide or resell to the client. at any time without notice.

Web Hosting

The client must not participate in any form of unsolicited bulk e-mailing (Spam), denial of service (DoS) attacks, or any other unacceptable activity – including but not limited to scamming or phishing. The client must not use their web hosting account to host file distribution websites (including but not limited to music, video and software), adult content orientated websites, hosting banners, graphics or cgi scripts for other websites; storing pages, files or data as a repository for other websites or personal computers, nor giving away web space under a domain, sub domain or directory.

The client may not run server processes, such as talkers or IRC Bots, from their virtual server account. Data stored on virtual servers is not guaranteed to be backed up. It is recommended that an independent backup of all data stored on the client’s virtual server is kept at all times. Commercial use of web and FTP space is permitted.

Unlimited web space is available for genuine web site content, content must be linked into web pages. The client is prohibited from using the server as a file/backup repository. The client is expected to employ good housekeeping when maintaining their account such as reducing the size of images through compression and removing any unnecessary content when it is no longer required.

Unlimited bandwidth is available providing the client’s bandwidth usage does not reach a point where it has an adverse effect on other clients. Artisan reserves the right to disable the client’s site until the bandwidth usage can be reduced to an acceptable level. Artisan is not responsible for customer programming issues other than ensuring that programming languages such as Perl, PHP and ASP are installed and functioning on the web hosting system.

Individual mailboxes have a capacity of 1000MB, therefore it is not recommended that email is stored on the mailserver, however premium mailboxes are available to add to the client’s paid package if additional storage is necessary. When a virtual server account is closed, all files including web pages and images will be permanently deleted.

Domain Names

Whilst Artisan can register domain names, when a new hosting account is purchased, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that registrant details are updated. In the event of a dispute regarding a domain name, the relevant naming authority for the type of domain held, should be contacted and provided with full details of the complaint.We recognise and work with all of the relevant naming authorities – such as:

Network Solutions for all US domains (e.g. .com – .org – .net)
Nominet UK for all UK domains (e.g. .co.uk – .org.uk – .net.uk)

Telnet shell accounts are made available for editing and setting up websites. It is not a development platform for issues unrelated to the client’s website.

Interfering with the following files will result in telnet access being removed – .bash_history – .bash_logout – .bash_profile – .bashrc.
The client must not leave their home directory at any time and must not attempt to gain the privileges of other users.

Control Panel

Artisan’s ‘Hosting Control Panel’ (HCP), which is the tool Webmasters may use to manage the configuration of a virtual hosting account, is copyright of Artisan Internet Limited, eXtend and it’s programmers. Any attempt to obtain the source code or internal functionality of the HCP will result in legal action by the trademark/copyright owners.

Any attempt to use the HCP for purposes other than its intended use will result in the account being terminated.
Web Site Development

A deposit of 50% of the total sum payable, or the quoted amount in full if under £200+VAT, is to be paid before work can commence.
The balance of the total payable is due on completion of work.

All text content, photographs and images supplied by the client are the copyright of the client. The layout of the web site, the code generated to create the site, and any graphics and imaging created by Artisan remain the copyright of Artisan Internet Limited. It is the duty of the client to ensure that permission of the copyright owner is sought for the use of any third party text, photographs or images, is obtained before they are included in the construction of any web site.

Unless specifically requested, all design work, whether finished or in progress, will be uploaded to the client’s server space. Work can be proofed and tested on an Artisan ‘BetaAccount’. The client’s account must be settled in full before the final work is uploaded. If, during the course of a design project, additional work should become necessary, Artisan will notify the client of any additional cost involved. Any additional cost may be payable before work can proceed further.

If the client delays commencement of work, for more than 30 days from payment of the deposit, we reserve the right to make a surcharge to cover additional time and price increases since the original quote. A fresh quote may therefore be higher.

In the event of a dispute regarding the design of the website, or withheld or late payment, Artisan reserves the right to withhold or withdraw all web page and image files until such a dispute is resolved. Artisan will still invoice for costs and work already carried out.

Artisan will not undertake work involving the design of any web site, promoting or selling products or services that are illegal in the United Kingdom, and reserves the right to inform the police of any such activity.

Misuse of Our Services

The client will be responsible for the content of web pages, including obtaining the legal permission for any works the pages include, and ensuring that the contents of these pages do not violate UK law.

The client will be held responsible for and accept responsibility for any defamatory, confidential, secret or other proprietary material available via the clients page(s).

Artisan reserves the right to remove material deemed inappropriate from the client’s web pages, without prior notice. If any page on a client’s virtual server is found to contain an embedded virus, or other malignant process, that page will be removed immediately, without prior notice.

Active Support™

Artisan Internet provides our free Active Support™ to all web hosting clients – providing the request for support relates to an issue arises from using, or not being able to use, products and services sold by us. Artisan reserves the right to charge for technical support where the source of an issue lies elsewhere, outside our network, or has been caused by negligence on the clients part.
Mailing List

Artisan communicates with its customers via email and as such you agree to receive by email our regular newsletter which contains amongst other things changes to our terms and conditions, notification of major outages, updates to our products and/or services and news of special offers.

If you choose to unsubscribe from our newsletter Artisan accepts no responsibility for issues arising from a client being unaware of any announcements or status updates we may have sent to the client via this primary communication method.

Artisan does not offer any type of credit on any of its range of products and/or services. Opening virtual server account(s), registering domain name(s), buying internet advertising and undertaking marketing work on behalf of the client, are all irreversible processes and must be paid for in full and in advance.

Hosting, domain name registration/renewals and promotion fees must be paid in full and in advance.

A 50% deposit will be required, after a quote for creative and marketing work is accepted, where the total due is £200+VAT and over.
If payment for domain name renewal is not made in full prior to the renewal date the domain name will not be renewed. If payment for hosting and other services is not made in full within 7 days of the due date shown on the invoice all technical support and/or professional services will cease.

If payment for hosting and other services is not made in full within 14 days of the due date shown on the invoice the client’s account may be deactivated and the website deleted. If payment for a Community hosting renewal at the subsidised rate is not made in full within 7 days of the due date shown on the invoice the cost of hosting will revert to the full Commercial rate and all technical support and/or professional services will cease.

Artisan reserves the right to charge an administration fee where an account is cancelled and then reactivated.


If one of Artisan’s annual packages is purchased the client is expected to commit for this period of time. If the account is cancelled within the service period, then Artisan will not make any refunds, on any unused portions of the account.

If the client does not wish to renew an account, Artisan must be contacted, at least two weeks before the renewal date, stating that the client wishes to cancel their virtual server account. Advance invoices are usually sent five weeks before all renewal dates as we are unable to cancel some services less than 7 days before they are renewed.

Web site development, domain name registration, hosting services, internet advertising and marketing fees are non-refundable.